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Tutorial: Using VCE Mobile to take tests from VCE files

You need the following software:

  1. VCE Converter must be installed on your PC.
  2. VCE Mobile must be installed on your Windows Mobile device.

Let's assume that you already have the VCE file.

  1. Launch VCE Converter. Click "Browse" and choose your VCE file.

  2. Click "Convert".

  3. You will be prompted to choose the name and location for the converted file. Leave default values and click "Save".

  4. Click "OK" when the conversion will be done. Close VCE Converter.

  5. The converted file will have .VCEM extension. Use any way to copy it to your Windows Mobile device.

  6. I copied the file using Bluetooth and it has been saved in the "My Documents" folder.

  7. Launch VCE Mobile. Click "Add Exam".

  8. Go to the folder where VCEM file are stored and click it.

  9. The file will be added to the exam list. Select it and click "Begin Exam".

  10. Choose the appropriate exam mode and click "Start".

  11. The exam description will be displayed if an exam has it. Click "Begin".

  12. Now you can answer questions.

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